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In an effort to do something productive with my Friday evening trapped at home, I wrote the poem that's due for Creative Writing next week.

The assignment was to write a poem "consisting of two simile strings, three Ezra Pound couplest, and two 'saying things' stanzas." Meaning, copy the style and inspiration of other poets and hack it into a lousy piece of your own.

However, I kind of like what I did. It's formula based, yes, but not that bad, it seems to me.

So here, I share it.

Left Intentionally Blank

Say treason, say tragedy, say ridiculously uneccessary

Once we were chatterboxes, radios that never turned off, static and continuous background noise

Cigarettes rested between our fingers
Little buzzing transmissions between matching antennae

Say silence, say I miss you, say over and done

Once we held hands in the summer, like the tense cables on bridges, like the husband who braces his belaboured wife’s arm

Now there are blank letters, never sent or read
Like the sand’s declarations of love erased by the tide
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